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Act 9 Hearing Testimony Services

In conjunction with the development of oil or gas production facility or a gas storage field, the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) requires testimony from experts including environmental attorneys, petroleum geologists, engineers and environmental scientists.  Innovative’s Senior Project Scientist, Mr. Jerome Meyer, has provided Act 9 testimony in conjunction with the development of a gas storage field in St. Clair County, Michigan.  Mr. Meyer’s testimony was based on the findings of Environmental Impact Reports and Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Reports.  The purpose of Mr. Meyer’s testimony was to establish whether the development of the natural gas storage field, associated pipeline installations and/or the construction of the gas processing facility (for injection and withdrawal) would cause any adverse impacts to the surface or subsurface at their respective areas in St. Clair County.  Innovative was able to design impact mitigation plans to address the potential impact related to loss of trees, traversing wetlands areas to install pipelines, crossing county drains and the measures needed to restore sensitive ecosystems.


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