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FAR Corrective Action Plans

Part 213 of Act 451 of 1994, as amended, (Michiganís LUST Act), requires, following the discovery of a confirmed release, that the owner or operator retain a Michigan approved qualified underground storage tank consultant (QUSTC) to perform initial and final assessment delineation activities.  The QUSTC is required to delineate the horizontal and vertical extent of the adsorbed, dissolved and/or phase separated hydrocarbon contaminant plumes.  Once the horizontal and vertical extent of the hydrocarbon contaminant plumes are defined, Part 213 requires the QUSTC to complete a Feasibility Analysis and then to implement the most cost effective corrective action.  Innovative, over the past 7 years, has focused on, at a majority of our LUST projects, a no action approach monitoring the effects of natural attenuation and natural biodegradation.  At approximately 10 of our LUST sites a more aggressive corrective action was warranted and at these sites Innovative completed bioaugmentation bioliquid injection activities.  The effects of the corrective actions chosen are monitored through quarterly, semi-annual and/or annual groundwater compliance monitoring sampling, analytical testing and report generation events.


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