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Groundwater Monitoring Plans

Innovative Environmental Solutions, Inc. (Innovative) provides groundwater monitoring services as well as the development of Groundwater Monitoring Plans.  The groundwater monitoring programs are often designed as compliance monitoring events.  Groundwater compliance monitoring is often performed in conjunction with Remedial Action Plans and/or Corrective Action Plans.  The purpose of the groundwater compliance monitoring is to monitor the effects of the cleanup plan implemented at the site.  At a majority of Innovative’s project sites, the projects requiring remedial or corrective action, Innovative utilizes natural attenuation and natural biodegradation of if the site contaminant conditions warrant, a bioaugmentation and/or biostimulation program is implemented usually by injecting a specially manufactured bioliquid containing hydrocarbon degrading microbes and nutrients.  The groundwater compliance monitoring events evaluate the contaminant mass reductions occurring throughout the plume.


In addition, groundwater monitoring is required by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) in conjunction with the operation of a production oil and/or gas field or the operation of a gas storage field.  The MPSC required monitoring of each aquifer formation hydraulically downgradient of specific well field features such as wellheads, processing plants and pipelines.


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