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SPCC/PIP Plan Development

Business and manufacturing facilities that meet the federal thresholds for aboveground chemical storage (greater than 1,320 gallons) or underground chemical storage (greater than 40,000 gallons) need to have a Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control (SPCC) and Pollution Incident Prevention (PIP) Plan completed and implemented to minimize the potential for spills and, in the event a spill occurs, describe the response actions that will be implemented to stop further spilling, contain the spill and the companies to be contracted to perform spill response and cleanup activities.  Innovative has designed the SPCC/PIP Plans to save costs for our clients so that two separate plans are not generated.  Innovative’s SPCC/PIP Plans incorporate the most recent EPA requirements.  The Plans typically contain 10-15 appendices and are approximately 1.5 inches thick.  Each SPCC/PIP Plan is reviewed by a qualified and experienced licensed engineer and, once approved; the plan is approved with the engineer’s seal and signature.  The SPCC/PIP Plan is not required to be submitted to the EPA or the RRD of the MDEQ, however, regulated parties are required to have a copy on file at the facility where the regulated above ground or underground storage areas are located.


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