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UST Removal Site Assessments

Although a vast majority of the regulated UST systems were removed or upgraded by the federal and state December 22, 1998 deadline, there still exists approximately 3-5% of the regulated USTs which have been neither upgraded nor removed. Many of these UST systems were paved over and exist as ghost USTs, left only to be discovered during Phase I ESA research and confirmed through magnetometer surveys and exploratory excavation activities.

Innovative provides our customers, that have one or more regulated UST systems, with UST registration, 30 day removal, liquid waste disposal characterization and UST removal site assessment services. We provide qualified and properly insured UST removal contractors for these remediation projects.

Our team of field scientists have over 50 years of combined UST removal site assessment experience. Each project is supervised by our Michigan Certified UST Professional and one of our seasoned Senior Project Scientists. Field Scientists are briefed prior to leaving for the project site, maintain a constant channel of communication with Project Management staff throughout the shift and are debriefed upon returning to the office.

Clean closure scenarios, where no evidence of contamination is encountered during the removal of the UST systems, occur on less than 2% of all UST removal projects. Innovative provides an extremely competitive price at under $1,000.00 for the average UST removal clean closure site assessment project.

When contamination is encountered, Innovative carefully guides each client through the Part 213 regulatory reporting timeframe maze. Our goal for each and every client is to implement the most cost-effective delineation approach and corrective action available under the Part 213 Tier I risk based corrective action (RBCA) process.

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