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Since the implementation of Michigan risk based cleanup programs in 1995, Innovative has focused on either a no action approach, thus monitoring the effects of natural attenuation and natural biodegradation or at sites, where the risk level warranted, incorporating bioaumentation bioliquid injection activities and monitoring the effects of the bioaugmentation through groundwater compliance monitoring sampling and analytical testing events.  Innovative has partnered with a few firms that specialize in manufacturing batches of hydrocarbon degrading microbes and nutrients.  Innovative supplies the firm with the site characteristics, the type(s) of contaminant(s) present and their respective locations and concentrations.  The firm chosen by Innovative generates the volume of hydrocarbon degrading microbes and nutrients ordered and ships the bioaugmentation bioliquid in 8 gallon, 30 gallon and 55 gallon containers and in some cases are shipped in a 3,000 gallon tanker truck.  Once the bioaugmentation bioliquid is injected, the microbes search for the hydrocarbon contaminants as a food source, ingest it and break it down to carbon dioxide and water as waste products.  The bioaugmentation bioliquid is very effective since the microbes will seek out and eat the hydrocarbon food source in areas such as seams in clay, where traditional cleanup technologies could not reach or address.


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