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Environmental Compliance Audits

Due to the sheer number of environmental regulations that may apply to a commercial or industrial worksite and/or operations at the site, Innovative provides environmental compliance audit services.  The auditory services include one or more of Innovative’s Senior Project Scientists visiting the respective business or manufacturing plant, reviewing the process performed, the chemicals used and stored and the wastes generated during the manufacturing process.  Further evaluation is made related to on site water supply wells, non-contact cooling processes and/or discharges to the groundwater and/or surface water.  Once the auditing field activities are completed, research is completed at the local county, state and federal levels to verify which of the numerous environmental regulations are applicable to the property.  Innovative then generates a comprehensive electronic spreadsheet/calendar that identifies the applicable regulation, any non-compliance issues that need immediate attentions, quarterly, semi-annually and annual monitoring, testing and reporting requirements and violations related to projected changes in the regulations applicable to the site and their impact on the facility operations and budget.  Once the Environmental Compliance Audit is finalized, Innovative meets with the property and/or plant manger to review the findings of the audit and to strategize how to address and budget for each of the non-compliance and quarterly, semi-annual and annual monitoring, sampling, testing and regulatory reporting activities.


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