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Hydrostatic Discharge Permitting

Innovative Environmental Solutions, Inc. (Innovative), in conjunction with the installation of oil and/or gas transmission pipelines, provides hydrostatic NPDES discharge permitting, field testing and hydrostatic discharge monitoring, sampling and reporting services.  Innovative works closely with the pipeline installation engineer, the pipeline installation contractor and the representative(s) from the MDEQ responsible for review and approval of the NPDES Permit.  Innovative completes the NPDES Permit Application including engineered drawings, detailed color CAD maps and calculations spreadsheets.  The NPDES Permit Application is tracked, on a daily and/or weekly basis, as to its receipt by the MDEQ, the status of its review and its approval.  By working very closely with the MDEQ representative reviewing of the application, Innovative has been very successful in obtaining expedited review and approval of the NPDES permits needed due to change in project schedules by the pipeline engineer and/or contractor.  Subsequent to the installation of the transmission pipeline and the completion of the federal and state required hydrostatic pipeline testing, the test water is discharged.  Innovative Field Scientists monitor the volume of water discharged, collect samples and submit the water samples for laboratory analytical testing and, once received, generate Hydrostatic Discharge Monitoring Reports describing how the discharge was completed in accordance with the NPDES Permit.


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