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LUST Closure Reports

Michigan's Part 213 of Act 451 of 1994, as amended RBCA process and cleanup criteria allow for a very flexible approach in bringing each LUST site to closure. Unrestricted residential LUST closures are achieved or will be achieved on less than 25% of all LUST sites and only if the hydrocarbon contaminant plumes have been properly delineated, don’t extend offsite above residential cleanup criteria or where corrective actions have effectively remediated the impacted area to below the residential cleanup thresholds.

At the remaining 75% of LUST sites, restricted LUST closures are achieved by effectively delineating the hydrocarbon impact and then placing a Restrictive Covenant on the property deed (either restricting the use of wells and/or buildings or building additions). Restricted LUST closures allow much higher levels of hydrocarbon contamination to remain on the property while still being protective of the public’s health and safety, since unacceptable potential exposure hazards are properly controlled. Utilizing restricted closures has saved and will continue to save our clients tens of thousands of dollars in corrective action costs.

Our LUST closure customers ultimately receive one of the most comprehensive, highest quality, reliable LUST Closure Reports in the marketplace. Innovative’s team of scientists generate extremely detailed, scaled, CAD color report maps, which include a proper representation of the potential receptors in the immediate vicinity of the impacted area.

Innovative also strives to effectively demonstrate when “groundwater not in an aquifer” is present beneath the study area. By demonstrating when the subsurface water is not in an aquifer, Innovative’ team of scientists are able to save our customers tens of thousands of corrective action costs since cleanup is no longer necessary to the degree which protects an aquifer.

Our unique approach to each and every LUST closure project allows us to quickly ascertain the true level of risk and the relative extent of the adsorbed, dissolved and, if present, phase separated hydrocarbon impact. We are then able to determine if any potential receptors are at risk and whether any active corrective action is necessary. Active corrective action is required on less than 5% of all of our LUST closure projects.

We offer Free Second Opinion Evaluations of your current ongoing LUST project (s) to assist you in determining whether your project is on track and to make sure you are not performing costly corrective action where it is not needed or required.

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