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LUST Initial Assessment Reports (IARS)

Part 213 of Act 451 of 1994, as amended requires owners or operators of LUST sites to retain a QUSTC once a confirmed release has been detected. Once a confirmed release is discovered, an Initial Assessment Report (IAR) is required to be submitted to the RRD of the MDEQ within 90 days of the discovery. IARs must demonstrate an understanding of the geology and hydrogeology of the study area and must present a picture of the relative extent of the adsorbed, dissolved and, if present, phase separated hydrocarbon contaminant plumes. The IAR must, in accordance with the Part 213 RBCA process, also identify the potential receptors at risk in the study area, when one or more of the potential receptors have been or are being impacted. Innovative will identify what abatement corrective actions were/are being taken to reduce and/or eliminate the impact from the LUST release. The IAR must also include a Work Plan, if closure has not been achieved by the 90 day timeframe, for the completion of final assessment vertical and horizontal delineation of the contaminant plumes.

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