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Phase I & Phase II Hydrogeologic Studies

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) requires the completion of Phase I and Phase II Hydrogeologic Studies in conjunction with the development of oil and gas production fields and the development of gas storage fields.  In addition, Part 213 Initial Assessment and Final Assessment Phases are the equivalent of Phase I and Phase II ESA activities.  Phase II Hydrogeologic Studies are required to determine the geology and hydrogeology of Michigan’s glacial drift overlying the initial bedrock formation.  Michigan’s oil and gas industry is regulated in such a manner that great care is taken, using a large diameter surface casing from the ground surface down into the top of the first bedrock formation and the surface casing is grouted to minimize the potential for downhole drilling fluids and/or crude oil/natural gas from contaminating groundwater aquifers in the overlying glacial drift deposits.  Innovative’s Phase I and Phase II Hydrogeological Studies are completed with the use of the technically advanced sonic drilling process which allows the collection of 10 foot long continuous soil cores.  The sonic technology allows Innovative to determine the depth at which the top of an aquifer unit is encountered, to determine the type of soils within the unit, to determine the thickness of each aquifer unit and to establish if it is laterally continuous across the Phase I and II hydrogeoloigic study area.  Once the aquifer(s) are identified, Innovative then proceeds to install a series of monitoring wells in each aquifer to determine the groundwater flow direction, to perform pump testing to establish the groundwater velocity and to determine where to install downgradient compliance monitoring well(s). 


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