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Potable Well Replacements

During the course of studying the impact from a non-LUST and/or LUST release, Innovative occasionally encounters potable water supply wells that have been impacted from the release.  Groundwater analytical results from the samples collected impacted from the water supply often will reveal the presence of one or more dissolved contaminants above the RRD of the MDEQ Residential Protective of Drinking Water Groundwater Cleanup Criteria.  Once a sensitive receptor potable water supply well impact has been identified, Innovative immediately completes a detailed review and analysis of the available Soil Boring Logs for the site and Potable Water Supply Well Records for water supply wells(s) at the site and in the surrounding area.  Innovative also conducts research to determine if city or community water can be connected to the subject property building(s) and, if so, the approximate costs for the tap in fees and the installation of the copper water service line from the water main to the building(s).  If connection to city of community water is not feasible, Innovative determines whether a replacement water supply well can potentially be drilled into competent clay aquitard, a casing installed and carefully grouted and the well drilled out into an underlying aquifer, thus providing water free from the contamination in the upper aquifer formation.  If such a well seems feasible, Innovative completes the necessary permit application, submits the application to the respective county health department and retains a qualified, licensed and experienced potable water supply installation contractor to complete the cased and grouted telescoping replacement water supply well.


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