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Soil Erosion Sediment Control Plans

Oil and gas storage field development activities include installations of transmission pipeline, oil and gas recovery facilities and gas injection and withdrawal processing facilities.  At each of these, the ground surface is disturbed and soils are exposed to precipitation.  Subsequent precipitation events allow for soil erosion to occur and sediment to flow from the excavated area.  The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) and the MDEQ require that the necessary Soil Erosion Sediment Control Plans be developed and typically they are reviewed and approved by the respective County Drain Commissioner.  Innovative designs Soil Erosion Sediment Control Plans to incorporate maps identifying the location of silt fencing, ingress/egress points and includes the site restoration and follow-up verification monitoring activities.  The plans incorporate contingencies in case heavy precipitation causes a silt fence to breach.  Compliance monitoring during the construction activities is performed by Innovative’s scientist certified in stormwater management activities.


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