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Waste Disposal Activities

Whether in a liquid or solid form, Innovative assists clients in arranging, with a qualified and experienced and/or a licensed industrial waste hauler, for the proper disposal of their regulated non-hazardous and hazardous solid and/or liquid waste materials.  Innovative has established strong business relationships with qualified and experience waste hauling contractors and licensed industrial waste haulers to manage the respective waste off of the site to the designated licensed disposal facility.  Innovative verifies the required waste stream segregation and waste characterization activities have been completed.  The designated licensed disposal facilities are contacted and the necessary waste profile forms are completed and submitted along with the respective waste material analytical results and a review of the documents is requested for disposal into the designated facility.  An Innovative Project Scientist then coordinates the disposal of the waste materials with the waste hauler(s) chosen.  An Innovative Field Scientist is present during the waste disposal activities and documents the number of container removed or volume of waste material removed, signs the waste manifest(s) on behalf of the client and photographs the conditions prior to and following the completion of the waste disposal and pick up offsite transportation activities.


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