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Wellhead Assessment Closures

A larger number of depleted oil and gas production fields in Michigan have been converted into natural gas storage fields.  Many of the depleted production oil wells and production natural gas wells have casings that were installed and grouted during the 1940ís, 1950ís and 1960ís.  When converting the field to a natural gas storage field under high pressure, the existing wells, due to the grouting methods used at the time, may not be able to hold the designated storage field pressure and the wells are targeted for abandonment, grouting and sealing.  At this juncture, Innovative provides wellhead assessment closure services.  Soil borings are performed in close proximity to the wellhead and then outward in a gridded pattern with distances of 20 to 25 feet between borings.  The wellhead assessment closure activities determines whether there is crude oil and/or condensate hydrocarbon impact present and the volume of impacted soil to remove in order to achieve closure in accordance with Part 201 of Act 451 of 1994, as amended.  Innovative generates and submits to our client a report of findings; including color CAD maps, Soil Boring Logs, analytical comparison charts, user friendly text summarizing the field assessment activities, the analytical results in comparison the applicable RRD of the MDEQ Part 201 Generic Cleanup Criteria and a summary explaining how closure was achieved.


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