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Wetland Crossing Permitting

Oil and gas field development and natural gas storage field development activities include the installation of one or more transmission pipelines to transfer the crude oil and natural gas to main transmission lines operated by various interstate pipeline operators such as Buckeye, Wolverine, etc.  The transmission pipeline routes are designed to minimize the impact to the environment, however, crossing sensitive ecosystems, such as wetlands is sometimes required.  In Michigan, the MDEQ requires that a Wetland Crossing Permit Application be completed and submitted for review for consideration for approval prior to the wetland crossing activities commencing.  Innovative completes the necessary research related to the proposed wetland crossing, communicates with the MDEQ representative that will be reviewing the permit application and generates and submits a comprehensive package showing the wetland area in question, the proposed crossing, whether it will encompass excavating the pipeline installation trench or directional drilling beneath the wetland.  Innovative also provides wetland crossing supervision and documentation services.  Contractor’s are given copies of the Wetland Crossing Permit and are briefed on the activities needed to be preformed to maintain compliance with the terms of the permit.


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